Logo and Book Design

In the Spring of 2019, I crafted two books using Adobe InDesign. The first was a redesign of the classic play A Street Car Named Desire. The other was a font book which examined the typography of twenty-four different fonts and how they might be used to create letterform-based logos.

Streetcar Redesign: The Process

This version of the classic play by Tennessee Williams features a new script format aimed to express the story through typography. I wanted the book to feel modern but also have a New Orleans feel, as that is where the play is set. The main font I used was Gotham Rounded, which achieved this aesthetic I was attempting to convey. In order to help the reader feel the emotions of the characters, I made unique character styles for certain situations. Whenever there was a line which was to be told in an angry or aggressive way, I decided to increase the font size and track the characters. This was seen a lot in Stanley's spits of rage. Additionally, whenever Stella refuses to stand up for herself, I lowercased the line to show meekness. I also chose to use the font Bodoni for lines where Blanche was lying due to its aggressively prim and proper nature. Utilizing indent, typeface, and photography, this new format pairs well with the play, adding emphasis to its drama and expertise and marketing it to a younger audience.

24 Logotypes & Typefaces: The Process

As you probably immediately notice, the book is card themed. This helped bring fun and playfulness to the project, instead of just presenting a traditional font guide. Each chapter of this InDesign created project, features a photoshopped image of a card with the first letter of the font name replace with the card specifier, such as the numbers on number cards. Additionally, I played with the line spacing and font size and include the process of creating an original logotype with the letters of each font. Even to this day, this book serves as an important guide for me through the difficult world of typography.

+ Printed copies of these books are available on request!

Coded and Designed by Charles Andrews

Boston, MA | September 2019