Photo Essay and Karaoke Videos

Over the summer, I studied abroad in Cuba for a month, learning how to use a Nikon DSLR camera and all the many settings that come along with it. Additionally, I made some karaoke style videos for a foreign language teaching business called Language University.

Tengo Un Rancho & More

This Premiere Pro edited video features original illustration created through Illustrator. This video was done in a basic animation style using key frames. During the course of the video various "animales" enter the scene and do a graceful dance as the karaoke lyrics appear on the screen. Learning how to do karaoke lyrics involved watching numerous Youtube videos, but it just shows that you truly can learn anything over the internet! Check out this video, plus another video I did, below!

Minimalism in Cuba: A Photo Essay

While on study abroad in Cuba, I loved talking with the people and finding out about a country that for the most part has been hidden from me my entire life. The people there were welcoming and generous and above all, unique. Walking down the streets of Cuba, I tried to capture the spirit of the country and its people. For my final project, I crafted a photo essay which examined how Cubans are able to make the most out their resources and come together as a cohesive community.

Coded and Designed by Charles Andrews

Boston, MA | September 2019