Figable Website Redesign

During summer 2019, I interned at Figable remotely. The startup had just released a new version of their parenting app, a tool for kids to see tasks their caretakers have assigned to them, receive allowance, and keep track of their behavior. My task was to create a fresh website for their product, as the old one was outdated.

The Process

The website I would create would be created in Wix, as shown above, due the demands of the CEO. I had not used this site builder before, but it was very intuitive to use so I learned quickly. I started out with a very basic template, but quickly personalized it to represent the childlike, yet modern feel of the brand. In creating the design, I had to follow brand standards, using the colors and fonts laid out by the original graphic designer's style manual. After ten weeks of iteration, I had created something I was proud of. The website was a combination of the CEO's and my ideas and plans, which we both flushed out over numerous Google Hangout meetings and through the use of Trello boards and Slack. In addition, I gained experience using MockUPhone to create professional phone mockups. But most importantly, I learned what working at a small startup is like, a constant juggling of tasks. A lot is changing at Figable right now, so they have not posted the website yet, but I invite you to check out the finished website below and a one pager I made for the company's future investor pitches.

Coded and Designed by Charles Andrews

Boston, MA | September 2019